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How long will I go overseas?

Our teaching trips usually involve ten days to two weeks of teaching overseas. However, depending on the type of ministry you may be involved in it could be longer. goEast also welcomes those who would like to serve and gain mission exposure in Asia.

How much will it cost?

When serving with goEast, candidates are required to pay for the cost of their return airfare, any visa processing costs, the cost of their travel and medical insurance. We do our best to obtain accommodation for our candidates free of charge through home stay partnerships. Daily expenses for food and general purchases are at the cost of the candidate. Most home stays will provide for food daily, though we can’t always guarantee this will be the case.

Do I need a theological degree?

For candidates who desire to serve with goEast, a degree higher than what is being taught is required. For example, an MTh or PhD is required for those teaching students in the MDiv program.  To serve in other ministry areas it is desirable for candidates to have prior church/ministry experience. For professionals, it is expected that you will have the necessary degrees to qualify for your professional e.g. medical degree for doctors and relevant licenses to practice.

Are the areas we are travelling to dangerous?

There are many areas in Asia that have restrictions on Christian ministry. We will advise candidates in advance of any issues on these restrictions prior to serving with goEast. For the most part, goEast will not send you in an area that we would not go ourselves. It is the responsibility of candidates to also consider any travel warnings issued by their Government.

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