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Christian Ministry to Asia

goEast was established in 2011 to provide theological education to men and women preparing for or are currently serving in Christian ministry in Asia.

It also offers opportunities for people in the West to travel with goEast to Asia. Qualified pastors and teachers may be invited to get involved in delivering theological education. There are also other areas where Christians can serve with goEast such as medical work, IT, building and construction, teaching English, accounting, children’s ministry, and supporting local churches.

As David Platt writes, “Anyone wanting to proclaim the glory of Christ to the ends of the earth must consider not only how to declare the gospel verbally but also how to demonstrate the gospel physically in a world where so many are urgently hungry.”

So here is our invitation to you: consider how you might make the best use of your time and skills for the glory of Christ in Asia. Consider leaving the comfort and security of the West for a time in order to use your unique gifts, talents and resources in the developing world to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of those for whom Christ died.

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