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Past and Future Trips


January/February 2011: Pastors conference, North India. This was a three-day conference attended by 150 Indian pastors. Two of us spoke. I (Alan) spoke on themes from Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and Revelation. The other spoke on the life of Joseph from Genesis. The highlight of this conference was witnessing the commitment of these men to their ministry in spite of hardship and persecution.

June 2011: Pastors Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This was a four-day conference attended by two hundred pastors from all around Sri Lanka. They had asked me to speak on the subject of New Testament Theology. So each session covered a key theme of a New Testament author. Many of these pastors were being asked to adopt prosperity theology. Many said that this conference gave them the strength they needed to stand firm for the gospel.

September 2011: Lanka Bible College, Centre for Graduate Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This was a Master of Divinity class that went for one week on the Theology of Paul in Romans and Galatians. All MDiv classes are in English and are generally around ten students, most training to go into pastoral ministry. In this particular class there were students from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. A husband and wife (and baby) accompanied me on this trip. He is a dentist and they spent their week in another part of Sri Lanka consulting on dental hygiene particular with kids.

November 2011: Himalayan Graduate School of Theology, Kathmandu, Nepal. This was very similar to the above class in Sri Lanka except the classes at this College run over a two-week period and generally run at around 20-30 students, many of who are already in pastoral ministry. The subject was Pastoral Theology in 1-2 Corinthians. On this trip I had an IT/computer consultant accompany me. He had the opportunity to do some teaching, share his testimony, and of course help out with some computer problems.

May 2012: Pastors Conference, Manipur, India. Bill Forgeard and I travelled together to the Indian state of Manipur, which sits in between Myanmar and Bangladesh. This was not so much a conference but more like a mini Bible School for pastors. The entire course ran for six weeks, of which Bill and I spoke for one. I spoke on the Sermon on the Mount and Bill spoke on 1 Timothy.

November/December 2012: Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Course: Theology of Faith and Works. I had taught this course once before in 2010. Once again, this was to MDiv students for one week. I also had a father and son accompany me on this trip. The father shared his testimony a total of ten times and also had the opportunity to travel to another part of Sri Lanka and work with underprivileged kids for a couple of days.

September/October 2013: Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Synoptic Gospels.

November/December 2013: Himalayan Graduate School of Theology, Kathmandu, Nepal. Spiritual Formation. As part of this course the students, spouses, and some of the faculty went away on a retreat for three days. This was both a time for refreshment, prayer, and teaching. A friend had come with me and had an opportunity to share with the students his testimony and how God has been working in his life in the area of spiritual formation. The talk was so well received that he was asked to write it out so that it could be translated and presented on Nepalese radio.

December 2015: this December Bill and I will be travelling to Nepal. Bill will be heading west, ten hours outside of Kathmandu, to teach a group of Nepalese church planters Bible Study Methods. I will be staying in Kathmandu to teach Spiritual Formation.

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